Computer Repairs & Services We can do it Same Day Onsite


We understand that whenever disaster strikes you need your computer fixed as quickly as possible. 

With the amount of tasks carried out on computers today, a breakdown can feel like loosing your right arm!!

That's why we Guarantee Your Computer will be Fixed in 24 Hours or Less.


Your Computer (laptops, PCs & Servers) Repaired and Ready to Collect in 24 Hours or Less!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We're Totally Confident Our Services Will Exceed Your Expectations

Our Fully Accredited Technicians Mean You Can Rest Assured Your Computer is Safe in Expert Hands

Our 7 Days a Week Service Means We're Ready to Respond Whenever Disaster Strikes

No Geek Speak - We Always Talk to You in Plain English to Help You Properly Understand Your Computer Issues

Miscellaneous Hardware/Software problems for Printers, PC's, Laptops and Servers

Windows Troubleshooting & Repair (2000, XP, Vista & 7)

Desktop Deployments and Software Customizations

Hard Drive and Memory Upgrade

Complete hard disk reformatting after data backup and file transfer

Install Windows OS, Activation, All Drivers, All Windows Updates and Software Installation & Customization

Desktop and Laptop Migration

Fixing Internet Connection Problem and Wireless Internet Setup (Fixing network connectivity issue)

Fixing email receiving or sending problems on your desktop, laptop or wireless device (like Blackberry and iPhones)

Setting up your laptop or desktop to receive incoming faxes

Configuring Out-of-Office Reply on your email and email forwarding

Setting up Remote Access of your computer and email account anywhere in the world

Setting up security for your laptop, desktop and wireless internet

Setting up new Desktop, Laptop, Printer and Server

Troubleshooting and fixing any Database issue

Setting up everyday backup tasks on important data and email mailboxes on CD, Tape Storage, Off-site Storage or External drive (Restoration of Missing File)

Setting up new user for new profile, new email and software customization on PC and wireless devices

Troubleshooting and fixing Blackberry and iPhone issues (including deactivation & reactivation)

Troubleshooting and fixing Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook (including calendar, contacts, archive, permission and sync) and Word Perfect issues

Installing Server softwares like Anti-Virus Server , Email Filters, Exchange Server for emails, Blackberry Server, SQL Server, Web Server, Accounting Server & Print Server

Cleanup software on all hard drives together with backing up of data and file transfer

Case, motherboard, hard drive and memory replacement and upgrade

Setting up Bell Conferencing and Digital Dictation

Server Management and Administration

Troubleshooting and running of new network cables

Configuring laptops and desktops for File Sharing or setting up a machine as File Server on the network

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