Remote Access


Remote Access Your Desktop and Get Technical Support for Your Computer from Anywhere in the World!

Guarantee - We're Totally Confident Our Services Will Exceed Your Expectations


Work on your computer from anywhere

Access your programs, email and network remotely

We can configure any computer running Windows XP or Windows Vista for remote access, provided that you have a broadband internet connection. If you do not currently have an internet connection, we can recommend and configure the best solution for you.

Remote Technical Support

Once your computer has been enabled for remote access, we offer a comprehensive remote support service which allows us to securely access your computer or network and fix any software or configuration problems which may occur on a day to day basis.

This service is suitable for business customers who would prefer the facility for us to diagnose and repair issues remotely. This is particularly cost effective for easily fixed software and configuration problems.


You don't have the costs associated with an On Site Visit

You don't have your workstation disconnected from the network and sent to our workshop

Allow us to remotely resolve any problems on your computer

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